27 October 1933 – A crowd of Arab protesters assembled in Jaffa’s central square to protest against the British policy on immigration and the handing over of Palestinian land to Jewish ownership. The British High Commissioner, Sir Arthur Wauchope, had warned Arab nationalist leaders that political demonstrations would not be tolerated. Twenty protesters were killed and approximately a hundred injured when British police baton charged the crowd and then opened fire.

The Dundee Courier described how “after midday large crowds flocked from the mosques determined to hold the forbidden procession at all costs” and reported how they had “endeavoured to force their way through the police cordon,” adding that “after making several baton charges, the police were compelled to fire.”(1)

Among the seriously wounded was Musa Kazim Husseini, a leading Palestinian nationalist and former Mayor of Jerusalem, who died eleven years later in 1934, never having recovered from the injury he suffered at the demonstration. (2)



  1. “21 Dead in Jaffa Riot,”The Courier and Advertiser, 28 October 1933 p 5.
  2. Brief biography of Musa Kazim Husseini available at https://www.paljourneys.org/en/timeline/overallchronology?biographies[]=9749&nid=9749


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