[ 29 March 1879 ]

On this day in 1879, British cavalry and troops massacred hundreds of fleeing and wounded Zulu warriors at Khambula who had been fighting to defend Zululand, from a British invasion.  Captain Cecil D’Arcy of the Frontier Light Horse (FLH) recounted how he and his troop of cavalry had “followed them for eight miles, butchering the brutes all over the place. I told the men “No quarter boys… !”[1] The following day 157 bodies of dead Zulus were found along the eight mile route his men had taken.

Other British troops also joined in the butchery of the fleeing Zulu army.  Lieutenant Frederick Slade “did great execution with the bayonet among the Undi… who were now falling back.”[2] However, Lieutenant-Colonel Redvers Buller, commanding the FLH. considered the fleeing Zulus lucky due to their rout occurring after sunset. “Had it not been dark their loss would have been very heavy, still I cannot think that the killed and wounded  in the pursuit was less than 300 at the least.”[3]


  1. Captain Cecil D’Arcy quoted in Saul David (2005), “


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